How We Got Started

We started back in the 90's with a Canadian based company Dynamic Tire Corp. who's private label tire brand was Primex. We brought the Aeolus truck tire line into the country and distributed it throughout the U.S. The company grew so big that they decided to merge with Galaxy tire in Boston, MA to help secure more production at factories as well as Galaxy's own factories they owned. GPX Tire emerged in December 2005 and they bought and rebuilt a 20 million dollar factory in China not far after. In 2008 president Obama imposed anti-dumping and coutervailing duties on any OTR tires entering the U.S from China. This was too much for GPX to absorb and Alliance Tire bought them out of bankruptcy. Alliance laid-off many people and we were a few of them. So, we started Tire Merchants in 2010 to serve the CNY area with tires and now service.